Remember Emily Osment From ‘Hannah Montana?’ She Looks Pretty Good In A Bikini Now

emily osment bikini

Emily Osment, Instagram

Okay, before the two of you out there who know this jump down my throat, I know that Emily Osment is currently on a television show called Young & Hungry on ABC Family. So spare me the “she’s been on shows since Hannah Montana” comments, you two. The show is executive produced by Ashley Tisdale for God’s sake. If you knew that Emily Osment was currently on that show before now, hand in your man card.

How do I know this, you might be asking? Because I do my research, dammit. (And I like to fend off any trolling before it happens. Helps keep me sane. Well, saner.)

Anyway, back to my original point. Emily Osment, who played Lilly Truscott, Hannah’s bestie back in the day, (How many of you knew that? Never mind, I don’t want to know.) much to my surprise looks pretty darn good in a bikini now that she’s all grown up.

Just thought you should know that.

She also looks pretty darn good when she isn’t wearing a bikini as well. Thought you should know that too.

/End of report.

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