Emmanuelle Chriqui Wins ALL The Throwbacks With This Topless Mermaid Photo She Just Dropped

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Emmanuelle Chriqui mermaid

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Emmanuelle Chriqui seems like she’d be fun to hang out with.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Emmanuelle Chriqui, aka our #1 reason for loving Entourage, dressed up like a sexy mermaid.

However, it is most definitely the BEST time, because unlike those other mermaid pics, Emmanuelle Chriqui is only sporting a hairbra and what looks like the electrical tape on her breasts in this one.

Wow. She DEFINITELY wins this and just about any other Throwback Thursday.

And since I was already on her Instagram account I scrolled down a little bit and came across this bikini photo I hadn’t seen before and therefore obviously hadn’t shared with you fine folks yet.

Not a lot’s changed in 10 years I see.

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