Did Erin Andrews Take A Shot At Boyfriend Jarret Stoll On Last Night’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’?


Erin Andrews was contractually obligated to perform interviews on last night’s Dancing With the Stars.¬†Millions tuned in to see if she’d make any comments that could be tangentially related to boyfriend Jarret Stoll‘s arrest.

And she kind of did.

Interviewing Willow Shields, Andrews commented that “some people” could learn from Shield’s spring break hobby of reading books and staying out of trouble.

Sure, it’s a stretch. But if you try hard enough you can believe it was directed at her bad boy flame.

Personally I think Andrews wouldn’t want to bring any more attention to the matter than is absolutely necessary, but that’s just my opinion. Perhaps she couldn’t resist getting a nationally televised zinger in at her beau.


[H/T: TMZ]