A Banging Victoria’s Secret Model Is Being Sued Because The Parties At Her House Are Too Damn Bumping



Erin Heatherton is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit and Victoria’s Secret model. A great combination.

There really isn’t a lot else that she could do to make herself any more perfect. But check this: She throws banging parties.

So bumping that Page Six is reporting she’s getting sued.

A Victoria’s Secret model who dated Leonardo DiCaprio is wreaking havoc on the neighbors of her West Village condo by throwing bass-booming parties, haggard neighbors claim in a new lawsuit.

The 5-foot-10-inch stunner “regularly causes and allows unreasonable levels of noise and bass vibrations to emanate from the unit into the condo’s common areas and adjacent units late at night and into the early morning hours, disturbing the condo’s residents and interfering with their ability to use and enjoy their units” the suit says. The 27-year-old has refused “to abate the ongoing noise nuisance,” the suit says.

When reached for comment, Heatherton said the allegations were not true.

Since you are here, though, check these pics, as well as her advice for texting her (if you ever get her number).

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