Farrah Abraham E-mailed Us This Afternoon About EDM, Clubbing In NYC, Bodypaint and the Super Bowl

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Who are your favorite EDM DJs in the game?

I like Swedish House Mafia, Nero, Skrillex, David Guetta,Steve Aoki, R3hab and many more I listen to on my spin on Slacker radio.

What's your go-to dance move in the club? 

Well with heels and a glass of champagne I like the glass hand up & rock my hips 😉 seems to be a winner

What do you like the most about clubbing in New York City? 

WoW, I have so much love for New York because I have endless good memories there and I go almost every week…the reason its best for clubbing lots of party people, easy cab service, and safe to go wild!

How do New Yorkers party differently from people in other parts of the country? 

I'm a New Yorker at heart and I would say the difference is New Yorkers make the night count, you're leaving happy, no drama, with numbers (Can't wait for tomorrow night)

What are you looking forward to the most about partying at Pacha? 

I've heard great things about Patcha (hints why i'm stopping by)  they have great talent stop in, super specials, and upscale backdrop to make anyone feel free to have a great time all night long.

What's the craziest/funniest thing you've ever seen at an EDM show or club? Any good stories? 

Well, besides the already drunk charades and blazing atmosphere I don't think it could get any better unless the DJ that night brings some surprises like inflatable bananas and white monkeys which have been done in Miami :). 

What do you like the most about the Super Bowl being in New York City? 

Super Bowl in NYC means all bets in let's raise that stakes this is going to be an intense game, Big Apple, Big Game and who ever wins this year will really feel like a champion! 

What team are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? What team has the best fans? 

My team is the SeaHawks… oh and i've seen some badass body paint on women for the Seahawks – google it 🙂

Anything else you plan on doing while in town? 

When I'm in town I plan on seeing my best friend and great colleagues that I can only find in NYC, and cheers to meeting another round of awesome people at Pacha! Go SeaHawks!



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