Farrah Abraham Revealed What Her Favorite Sex Toys Are And I’m Shocked That ‘Ass To Mouth Buttplug’ Isn’t On Her List

by 4 years ago
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Do you have a strong constitution and a sense of curiosity so intense that you’re willing to click on the most pathetically stupid headlines in order to fulfill said curiosity? Because I don’t. This was me upon finding out what sex toys Farrah Abraham has taken a strong liking to:

giphy (11)
giphy (8)

Wait, not done…

giphy (10)

Okay we’re good.

In any case, these are Farrah’s favorite sex toys, some of which come from her own line of vibrators. How unsurprising.

Would you buy a Farrah Abraham vibrator? I wouldn’t. If I had to pick any brand of sex toy that would give me a raging case of the clap, it’d be Farrah’s.







Is she actually making any money off of these things? Do you know anyone who’s bought one? If so, immediately delete that friend off of Facebook and outta your life. No one needs that bad juju on them.



I think those are nipple tassels, although to be quite honest I’m not 100% sure – girl’s 50% stripper and 50% businesswoman, so maybe she wears them under her pantsuit in case she wants to go from “entrepreneur” to “frisky” in 5 seconds flat.

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