Farrah Abraham Has Already Spent Over $100K Of Her Stripper Money On The Dumbest Thing Possible


What’d she spend her money on? A dildo? A parakeet? Twelve deflated rubber ducks that serve no purpose whatsoever? I’m not going to tell you yet, you have to guess first.

Go on, guess.


Fine, DON’T GUESS. She spent her money on…


A CAR! That’s right folks, instead of putting her money towards, y’know, a college fund for her daughter, Farrah’s decided to sink her money into a Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG sedan, which starts at $92,770 before you go and throw in a bunch of fancy shit with it.

Prediction for next week’s news: Farrah Abraham wrecks her $100K Mercedes-Benz because she was driving while dildoing herself in preparation for her next sex tape.

[H/T Guyism via Farrah’s Twitter]

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