Farrah Abraham Tweeted A Topless Photo Of Herself For #WCW Because She Has No One To Love Other Than Herself

…and her kid, I guess. But I’m sure we can all agree that Farrah probably loves herself more than her child. What makes us think that she loves herself more than her child? Well I dunno, maybe it’s the whole sex tape thing which was clearly for her own personal gain (and I guess you can pass that onto the kid, but that girl’s gonna be scarred for life once she figures out what her mom does for a “living”), or maybe it’s the fact that her #WCW is herself.


Or maybe she’s saying that her Louis Vuitton shoes are her #WCW? It’s not really clear, but shoes are inanimate objects and therefore cannot be female unless we’re speaking Spanish…was any of this written in Spanish? I don’t think so.

Score one for Spanish, and zero for Farrah.

[H/T Death and Taxes]