Woman Uses Naked Hula Hooping To Explain How New Female Condom Works

by 3 years ago
Female Condom Tutorial

YouTube / FC2 The Female Condom

The ‘female condom’ just hit the United States market for the first time. I guess it’s been available in other parts of the world but the FC2 Female Condom’s just making its way here as the only FDA-approved version, and that means we get treated to a handy dandy tutorial video on how this contraption works. Logically, I can’t really wrap my mind around someone not understanding how the female condom will work. There’s really only one way a female condom can possibly function, and that’s like a catcher’s mitt, but here we are:

This has it all. Naked hula hooping. Naked painting of phallic symbols. Dry humor. Wet humor. ‘Unsolicited advice about boning’. This is pretty fucking out there, and I found myself both bemused and giggling like a middle schooler at this clip.

I’m actually an avid reader of AdWeek due to the nature of our business, but for some reason, their article explaining the origins of this female condom tutorial video flew under my radar until a friend sent it to me a little bit ago.

I didn’t expect to be wowed by an AdWeek article, and certainly didn’t think it’d be worthy of sharing with you bros, but I was wrong. If you’re curious about how this tutorial came to life I suggest following the links throughout this article and heading on over to AdWeek because it’s a fascinating look into how industry dollars get tossed around.

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