Get Ready To Fall In Love With Stunning Fitness Model Sommer Ray (20 Pics)

There’s no shame in becoming smitten with the heavenly Sommer Ray.

The 19-year-old fitness model is always working out to ensure that she has a bangin’ body.

Wedgie time!

What a view!

Are jean vests back in style?

I should have worked out

Double your pleasure with the amazing Sommer Ray.

That’s a good way to get your sweater dirty.

You’re welcome.

I’d still eat off that table despite the potential sanitary issues.

Scintillating Sommer Ray is pretty in pink.

Looks like your mom shrunk your shirt.

If you haven’t followed the scalding Sommer Ray by now, what are you waiting for?

It’s probably more comfy on the bed or couch.

Sitting at the table, you’re doing it wrong.

Nice lighting.

I should have gone to the beach

Would it kill you to make your bed before the impromptu photoshoot?

I don’t understand leg warmers. Like when are your ankles cold, but your feet at completely warm?

Goodness gracious!