Clint Eastwood’s Daughter Francesca Was Very Uninhibited On Her Recent Trip To The Beach

23-year-old Francesca Eastwood hasn’t had an easy time getting her acting career kick-started, despite being the daughter of an absolute legendary actor and director.

After a brief run on the family reality show Mrs. Eastwood & Company in 2012 and being named Miss Golden Globe in 2013 Francesca appeared to get her big break when she was cast in the reboot Heroes Reborn. Unfortunately she ended up only appearing in three of the 13 episodes before NBC pulled the plug.

So perhaps in an effort to try to shift her acting slash modeling career into a higher gear Francesca hit the beach recently and, whoops, she took off her bikini top and lo and behold someone was around to snap some pics. Go figure.

Then again, maybe she just DGAF (I certainly wouldn’t if I was Clint Eastwood’s kid) or she could have just been trying to forward the whole #freethenipple movement.

Whatever the reason, here’s to hoping she lands a high-profile new acting role soon because we’re definitely big fans.

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