Clint Eastwood’s Sultry Daughter Francesca Eastwood Playfully ‘Bounces’ On A Bed For Seductive Photoshoot (VIDEO + PICS)

Francesca Eastwood is the daughter of Clint Eastwood, but looks nothing like the 85-year-old legendary actor and director. And that’s a good thing. The beautiful Francesca gave an interview to Esquire and more importantly, did a sexy photoshoot. In the interview she revealed that her pops wouldn’t just gift her an acting role, “I would have to audition. He’s a true pro, so I might not get the part.”

She revealed what she looks for in a man:

“What I want from a partner is someone with a good work ethic and a sense of humor. The sexiest things to me about a guy are his wit, hard work, intelligence, and tolerance. That’s an absolute must in a man: to be open-minded and tolerant. That’s how I was raised and what I look for in people in my life. If you’re homophobic, racist, super-judgmental, those are deal-breakers. And if you’re someone who hits below the belt and is degrading in any way, get lost.”

Planning on using a cheesy pickup line on her? Don’t.

“None. ‘Hi, my name is…’ is enough, although one time a guy used a line on me that I’ve never forgotten. He came up to me and with a completely straight face said, ‘I want to destroy all the chairs in the world so you have to sit on my face.’ Let’s just say it didn’t work. I mean, it was hilarious in a way, and I like a guy who can make me laugh, but maybe not like that.”

This behind-the-scenes photo shows that Francesca is training to be some sort of telecommunications repair person.

Not sure if those are the proper footwear though.

There was even a pillow fight. Yes please.


You can read the entire interview and see all of the scintillating photos of Francesca over at Esquire.