Tom Brady’s Wife Still Has One Hell Of A Bathing Suit Booty And Isn’t Afraid To Show It

Despite the fact that between the two of them they have more money than God, Gisele Bundchen, much like her husband Tom Brady, still hasn’t given up her day job.

Oh sure, Gisele has put an end to her days on the catwalk, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t still willing to pose naked or semi-naked for money. No sir.

In fact, she recently did a new photo shoot which showed that, while now 36-years-old, which is like 72 in model years, she still has the ass of a 26-year-old.

Looks like she could have used a little SPF 30 in this first photo…

Personally, I still like Brady’s first baby mama Bridget Moynahan better, but I can definitely see the appeal for TB12 here.

Oh yeah, just tossing this completely unrelated two-year-old photo in here, because…DAMN.

This old one is pretty solid too…

I feel you, Tom, I feel you.