Gisele Bundchen Is Not Wearing Any Clothes At All On This New Cover Of ‘Vogue’

Gisele Bundchen may be retired from walking the runway (*pours one out*), but she is in no way retired from being on magazine covers…or from posing naked. God bless her.

As you can see below, Vogue Brazil has put together a special commemorative issue featuring Gisele Bundchen as she celebrates 20 years of making money hand over fist for being tall and attractive.

Wait, 20 years? Hang on… Gisele is 34 years-old. She’s been modeling since she was 14? I did not know that. Damn. She has made a lot of money hasn’t she? No wonder she retired from walking back and forth on a stage. Screw that nonsense.

Here’s another photo that I think is also from that special issue, but since English is the only language I speak fluently and I’m too lazy to run it through Google Translate, I’m not 100% certain. Plus the caption was REALLY long and the photo isn’t nearly as sexy as the cover or I might have expended the extra effort. You go ahead and enjoy it though. It’s very fashion-y.