GQ Says These Were The Sexiest Women Of 2015, But We’ll Be The Judge Of That

sexiest women 2015

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Listen, I know that making a list that is subjective and yet claims to be definitive is a losing proposition. There’s no way you can say something like “these are the sexiest women of 2015” and not get a whole bunch of arguments tossed your way.

That being said, I always applaud the effort when someone like GQ here gives a list like that a go. I mean, there’s no arguing that these nine women are not all sexy, so taking a few moments to look at them is never a waste of time. But the sexiest women of 2015? Ehhhh, we’ll see.

Here we go…

Taylor Swift

Okay, fine, I get her being on the list. It’s pretty much obligatory at this point.

taylor swift

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Bella Hadid

Her sister Gigi would have been a better choice in my humble opinion.

bella hadid

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Charlotte McKinney

No argument here.

charlotte mckinney

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Zoe Kravitz

Big fan of Zoe, so I guess I can live with her inclusion here.

zoe kravitz

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Kendall Jenner

Ugh, fine.

kendall jenner

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Toni Garrn

Victoria’s Secret model who dated DiCaprio? Could do worse.

toni garrn

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Nathalie Emmanuel

Who? Oh yeah, the girl from Game of Thrones

Nathalie Emmanuel

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Suki Waterhouse

Bradley Cooper certainly thought she was sexy… til he broke it off with her.

suki waterhouse

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Naomi Campbell

They did say this list was for 2015, right? Okay, just double checking.

naomi campbell

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Check out the sexy pictures GQ chose to go along with their list and see if any of them make you agree with their selections.

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