Guy Asks Random Girls Every Possible Question About BJs And Boy, Do They Deliver

Well, this is certainly a fascinating video. Of course with the topic being BJs how could it not be?

And the honesty that these women possess when asked numerous questions about it is pretty amazing too considering they’re talking to a complete stranger. I guess if you have a microphone and a camera people will pretty much tell you anything.

For instance, this dude asks the ladies how old they were when they gave their first BJ and the answers were all over the map.

He goes on to have them describe their first experience and let’s just say that the words “cheese grater” were brought up. You can probably figure out why.

The real kicker though has to be when he asks the women what the weirdest place that they’ve ever performed oral sex on a guy is as well as, of course, spit or swallow?

I think you can see where this is all headed. Check it out…

My only question after watching this video is, how exactly does one get the job of going out on the street and asking random girls about BJs? Oh, right, all you need is a microphone and a video camera. Well hell… catch you guys later then.

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