Hackers Are Allegedly Blackmailing Gigi Hadid By Threatening To Release Personal Photos And Videos

gigi hadid si swimsuit outtakes

I love Gigi Hadid. You love Gigi Hadid. We love Gigi Hadid.

We are both justified in our love.

The 20-year-old Victoria’s Secret supermodel is quickly establishing herself as one of the most high-profile models on the planet. She’s intimidating beautiful. Like I’d probably shit myself or projectile vomit all over her if she approached me at a bar. Just out of reflex. But for the record, she would have no incentive to approach a 28-year-old pseudo-alcoholic blogger who weighs more than his credit score unless she was on fire and I was holding an extinguisher.

Regardless, she is an angel. An angel I’d love to see naked. But in the consensual way. Not like the hackers-threatening-to-release-her-private-photos-and-videos-unless-she-pays-them-large sums-of-money way. I have low moral standards, but like, come on.

According to TMZ,

Gigi Hadid has become a blackmail target by a group of hackers who claim they’re ready to leak private content from her iPhone unless she pays up.

We’re told the hackers contacted the newly winged Victoria’s Secret Angel and threatened to release photos and videos accessed through her iCloud.

The hackers also threatened to sell the pictures to media outlets unless they got the money they were after.

We’re told Gigi has not and will not pay, and she’s contacted law enforcement and also hired a private security company to find the culprits. She wants them prosecuted.

I plan on just holding out until Gigi sends me nudes herself. That plan should work about as well as a whiskey dick.

[h/t TMZ]