Halle Berry Stripping Out Of Her Oscars Dress To Go Skinny Dipping In Her Pool Fixes Everything


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Remember when one of, if not the hottest 50-year-olds on planet Earth, Halle Berry, finally joined Instagram back in March of 2016?

Yes, that was a very good day, because she’s been pretty much killing it on there ever since…

And now, after last night’s Oscars she went and shared a video of herself stripping out of her dress and getting naked for a little skinny-dipping action…

Damn. I’d give anything to see the “after” portion of that swim.

Now, obviously that whole thing was staged AF, but hey, it’s Halle Freaking Berry getting naked to go skinny-dipping. If that doesn’t warm your cockles at least a little bit, you might just be dead.

Oh yeah, remember how I shared some pics of some of the sexiest women in the world like Emily Ratajkowski, Kate Hudson, Jessica Biel and more, rocking some of the sexiest outfits in the world at the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party earlier?

Yeah, well, Halle was also in attendance and wore this fan-tastic little number.


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Amazing how I barely even remember all the screw-ups during Sunday night’s Oscars now.