Hayden Panettiere Rocking A Bikini At Eight Months Pregnant Is An Amazing Sight To See

Getty Image

Back in May I wondered out loud how Hayden Panettiere’s pregnancy with Wladimir Klitschko’s child was going to go, saying that it was going “to be very interesting.”

The reason for my wonderment was because Hayden Panettiere clocked in pre-pregnancy at 5’2″ and 117 pounds, while Klitschko is 6’6″ and 243 pounds. Quite the little discrepancy.

Now, thanks to this bikini pic we can pretty much see that Hayden and Wladimir’s impending daughter might already be favoring her dad’s physical dimensions.

Also, seeing this photo and judging from my own personal experience with women and pregnancy I’m guessing Hayden would probably be more than happy to just go ahead and give birth any day now. That cannot be comfortable.