Who Is This Heroin-Chic Hottie Modeling Lingerie For Free People?


Why it’s Marloes Horst, of Victoria’s Secret model fame. Why is she in lingerie from Free People? Who the fuck cares? Srsly.

And let me be the first to say, I would stick a needle in my arm with her any day of the week, then lie nearly passed out in a state of drug-induced bliss. I wouldn’t even need to do the business. I’d be happy with the drugs and her company.

Hey, what the fuck was I talking about? More pictures? Yes, that was it.

Marloes-Horst-Free-People-Lingerie-5 Marloes-Horst-Free-People-Lingerie-13 Marloes-Horst-Free-People-Lingerie-25 Marloes-Horst-Free-People-Lingerie-28 Marloes-Horst-Free-People-Lingerie-33

[Via Drunken Stepfather]

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