#FBF To The Glorious Several Months Hilary Duff Was Going Around On Dates With Average Joes Off Tinder

Remember when Hilary Duff had a Tinder profile? The whole thing turned out to be a marketing stunt for her newest song (a song that never made it to radio, never made it to the charts and no one ever listened to, so the whole Tinder thing definitely worked out well), but Duff did in fact end up going on at least one or two dates with dudes she met off the app.

Of course, neither dates were serious…because it’s Hilary Duff. Hilary Duff is not going to seriously date some random schmuck she found on Tinder, and when you ask her for a second date the chances that she spits in your face and stomps on your shoe are at least 50/50.

Keep off Tinder, Hilary – leave it for the rest of us poors and stop upping our expectations; it’ll make it hurt all the more when we get rejected.