Remember Hit Girl From The Movie ‘Kick-Ass’? No? You Will After You See How Hot She’s Become!

It’s been five years since “Kick-Ass” premiered in theaters, which means it’s been five years since we saw Hit Girl beat the ever-loving snot out of a bunch of grown men. Yes, I know there was a sequel, but I don’t care. We’re going to pretend it doesn’t exist since it sucks butt compared to the original.

Anyways, did you know that Hit Girl was played by Chloe Grace-Moretz, and that despite being a little tomboy in “Kick-Ass” she’s grown up to be one smoking hot adult? No joke, I was blown away when I saw what she looks like now.

For reference, here’s Chloe Grace-Moretz in “Kick-Ass”:

And here she is today…

…let’s just get one thing out of our systems before we proceed though: