Look! A Hot Girl Who Tried (And Failed) To Smuggle 13 Lbs Of Cocaine Into The US By Flirting With The Border Patrol

by 4 years ago


These are my favorite stories to write about, and do you know why, good sir? Because the only reason anyone cares to report anything like this is because the girl’s hot. Like if a hairy dude with a mustache did this no one would give a shit. Why? He’s gross and hairy, duh. But a lady who’s got a million readily-accessible bikini photos on Facebook…NOW you’re talking!

And it just so happens Anett Pikula, 39, is one of those ladies.

Formerly bankrupt Anett Pikula, 39, was ‘overly talkative’ with guards after she drove up to the crossing at Lukeville, Arizona, in her 2006 gold-colored Mercedes Benz for a primary inspection.

Her alleged behavior sparked suspicion among the officers, and they chose to refer her for a secondary inspection, during which a U.S. Customs and Border Protection K-9 was deployed.

The dog alerted the officials to a hidden compartment inside Pikula’s car, where they found six packages of cocaine, totaling 13 pounds and worth nearly $134,000, a CBP statement says.(via)

In other words, when you’re smuggling drugs across the border don’t bring attention to yourself; just keep your head down and GTFO ASAP.

But what do you care? You came here for hot bikini and lingerie photos of a chick who was arrested for trying to smuggle coke into the United States. Here you go!

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