Clemson’s National Championship Hero Hunter Renfrow Has A Girlfriend And She Is Attractive And Here Are Pics

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I’m of the opinion that if you are a college student, especially a star college athlete, having a girlfriend is the worst decision you can make besides shitting yourself at a party. Having a girlfriend in college is like going to the Golden Corral and only eating the hash browns. The hash browns may be delicious, but there is also Salisbury steak and Mac and cheese and soft serve ice cream for some reason.

However, I also understand that love is love blah blah and when you know you know blah blah. Now that Clemson’s walk-on wideout Hunter Renfrow became a college football legend, he’s probably got every girl in the state of South Carolina knocking on his dorm room door. But before he became a living legend, he made a commitment to Camilla Martin. I hope he is enjoying his hash browns. In his defense, they do look crispy.

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