Iggy Azalea’s Latest Instagram Butt Photo Has Sparked Accusations Of Even More Plastic Surgery, What Do You Think?

If there’s one thing that Iggy Azalea is known for aside from being an awful rapper, it’s having a giant ass (allegedly) pumped with silicone and/or (allegedly) enlarged through a Brazilian butt lift. Notice how I threw in “allegedly” in parenthesis? Since Iggy hasn’t come out and directly said her butt isn’t au natural we can’t say it’s anything other than that without getting sued — something something “libel” something something “slander” something something “I don’t like it when people point out the obvious and would rather live my life pretending I’m not a plastic auto-tuned doll.”

I get that people are insecure about their bodies. I get that if you have the money, then why not fix that insecurity with some quick surgery? But what I don’t understand is getting surgery to the point where it’s fucking blatant that yo shit ain’t real. Like come on:



You are telling me a white chick from Australia naturally has an ass that big, especially when this is the same girl from 2013?

Come on. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: ant butt. It’s what you get when your ass is huge and your quads are small because you haven’t been building the muscle required to have a butt that big and chose to pay some guy with a scalpel to do it for you instead.

Understandably, people weren’t buying it. Comments ranged from “spankable” (rare) to “you stupid c*** eat s*** dumb b***” (standard):

In other words, Instagram is still a hot mess of hate and vulgarity, but at least it’s directed at something worthwhile like Iggy Azalea and not ISIS or whatever new gastrointestinal abortion Pizza Hut has come up with.