People Are Claiming That Iggy Azalea Has Butt Implants After Seeing THAT Butt Selfie, And I Can’t Say I Don’t Agree

There’s a little thing my personal trainer likes to call “ant butt,” and it’s when your thighs and butt literally resemble an ant’s:

See how that ant has a GIANT “butt” yet really thin legs? That’s what happens when you either get butt implants or fat transferred into your ass (also known as a Brazilian butt lift). Khloe Kardashian has it:


Kim Kardashian has it:


And, last but not least, Iggy Azalea definitely has it:


Yeah, that shit ain’t real if you ask me. Here’s what your ass is SUPPOSED to look like when you’ve been building up the booty, and it’s nothing like the overinflated circus balloons we’ve come to accept on celebrities:


See how everyone has a proportional quad to glute ratio? Iggy Azalea doesn’t have that, and it’s no surprise people are calling her out for it:

Honestly, does anyone think anything in Hollywood is real anymore?