Who Is This Wack Goober Spotted Hanging Out With Jennifer Lawrence?

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We recently reported (aggregated) that Jennifer Lawrence’s love life is so non-existent, her hymen is regenerating.

Her words, not ours.

No one will ever ask her out, J-Law bemoans, because of her celebrity. No one wants the hassles and headaches of dating her.

We all kinda called bullshit, because, well, because it seemed like bullshit.

But maybe she was being serious. Beause get a load of this wack ass goober she was spotted with in Los Angeles last night.

Man, that’s a goober if I ever seen one, and I know my goobers (See previously: Check Out The Loser Dude Taylor Swift Is Now Dating).

Look at his hair.

Look at his face. You gonna look me in the eye and tell me this Bro ain’t a goober?

Goober city, man. Maybe she wasn’t lying. Maybe this is the best she can do.

Which is sad, son.

UPDATE: It is apparently her friend’s fiancé.

[Via @DailyMailCeleb]