Check Out The Loser Dude Taylor Swift Is Now Dating

Check out that dude above. Look at what a loser he is. He’s got his loser electric guitar and his loser bracelet and his loser chest tattoo. What the shit is that chest tattoo and who gets a tattoo in the middle of their chest? Losers, I tell ya who. “Oh, that’s where my heart is. It makes me feel so connected to my heart,” is probably the loser line this guy said after he got his loser tattoo.

Look at his loser, wannabe Rob Gronkowski, loser friend in the background.

Listen to the loser songs he writes for his loser band. The 1975s. The 1975s. That’s a name you wanna take a swing at for being so lame.

He’s also from England, which is a loser nation.

But Matt Healy, loser, is also, according to US Weekly, dating Taylor Swift.

Then Swift met Healy, 25, backstage at his band’s L.A. concert. “We exchanged numbers,” the British rocker told Australian radio show Shazam Top 20. “I mean, bloody hell, what am I going to do? Go out with Taylor Swift? …I wouldn’t say no!”

Several weeks after their very first encounter, the two are now quietly dating, sources tell Us. “It’s very new and they’re having fun,” a Swift friend shares. “They’re seeing where things go.”

The same insider tells Us that Healy was the one to pursue the songstress. According to the pal, he sends the blonde New York City resident frequent texts, as they’re respectively busy jumping from city to city for work.

Stupid loser. I hate him so much.



Maybe I would get more girls if I was lamer.