This New Jennifer Lopez Instagram Video Has Already Been Viewed Over 4 MILLION Times…You’ll See Why

A couple of days ago Jennifer Lopez was doing some practicing for her return to the stage and her Las Vegas show “All I Have” and shared a video of it to Instagram.

Now we already knew that she was going to great lengths to promote her return by showing off some very sexy underboob over the weekend, but this video here, it probably sold her more tickets than any advertisement ever would.

Does she perform in her show wearing that outfit? Because I have to say (a) she should and (b) if she does, how much are tickets?

Hmmmm… a further look and I don’t think that she does, but this outfit is nothing to sneeze at…

Oh yeah, that underboob I mentioned…

Good stuff, J-Lo, good stuff.

Obligatory bonus pics comin’ up…

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