Jessica Alba Was Looking Hot In A Bikini And Some Idiots Actually Complained About It

Normally a bikini picture of Jessica Alba would have us drooling all over ourselves and in the case of this photo that Alba shared of herself Saturday while in Thailand shooting a new movie we did have to wipe a little spittle from our chin. Problem here is that other people also saw the photo and were complaining that Alba looked too thin with some even calling her skeletal.

Umm, she’s in a bikini and she’s yelling and jumping. If you are of average weight for your size go try it in a mirror and see what your ribcage looks like when you’re sucking in air while stretching your torso. Chances are you’ll see your ribs just like Alba. Sure, she might be a little bit on the thin side, but nothing about those sexy legs says “skeletal.” See, this is why we can’t have nice things. Way to ruin our mojo right out of a holiday weekend, negative nellies.