Jessie J Has Been Going Beast Mode On Her Squats And Glute Bridges If These Instagram Photos Are Any Indication

Jessie J hasn’t had a hit since her song “Price Tag,” but maybe there’s a reason for that besides the obvious “I’m a one-hit wonder and that’s okay” – maybe the reason is that she’s been spending her time in the weight room instead of the recording studio.

“I could write a deep and meaningful quote to make this less of a ‘pic of my bum,’ but that’s all it is. No deep quote…I have been working on my body recently,” she explained in an Instagram caption. “When I can be bothered to gain weight and to be stronger, fitter, healthier and to feel good! Accepting my cellulite, BUT doing something about it instead of just moaning about it!! A bit of self love and celebrating the body you’re in is POSITIVE and needed!”

More power to you Jessie – especially if it means more photos like these are on their way: