Jessie James Decker Once Again Makes Her Case For Being The Most Awesome WAG In Sports

Jessie James Decker is most definitely one of my top five favorite sports WAGs.

Not only is she super talented as a singer, she’s also an excellent follow on social media where she brags about the size of her husband Eric’s package (among other sex-related things), and well, looks amazing in a bikini.

So naturally, because of that first thing I mentioned, her being a singer, she was at the Billboard Music Awards and because of that last thing I mentioned, her being super fit and attractive, she wore one seriously jaw-dropping outfit.

Here she is “practicing” her “red carpet moves” before the show…

Now I know already sung the praises of Kate Beckinsale and Alexandra Daddario for their awesome outfits, but Jessie’s isn’t anything to sneeze at either. It’s just that, well, those other two are not married so, you know, they got my attention first.

That being said, should Jessie and Eric’s relationship ever come to an unfortunate end, I have a feeling she’ll have little trouble finding a few thousand suitors ready to line up for a date.

Yep, she would have no problem at all…

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