Julian Edelman And Gorgeous Victoria’s Secret Model Adriana Lima Break Up (12 PICS)

A day after we get J-Rod or ALo with the budding relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, we lose the celebrity couple of Adriana Lima and Julian Edelman. E! News is reporting that the supermodel and New England Patriots wide receiver have broken up. It is reported that the two broke up because of conflicting schedules.

Back in July, it came out that Edelman and the beautiful Adriana were dating. In September it was revealed that Gronk was the one that set them up.

As recently as Feb. 5 the two were still together and Adriana was cheering on her man at the Super Bowl. When Edelman made his miraculous diving catch the stunning Victoria’s Secret model was asked if she thought Julian caught the ball for her. The alluring Adriana joked, “I think I’m a better catch than that.”

Her scintillating Instagram pics do support her claim.


This is a definitely a tough break for Edelman, but I’m sure he’ll manage.