Julianne Hough Looking Sexy In A Bikini Top Is A Very Welcome Sight

julianne hough bikini pics

Julianne Hough, Instagram

Remember when we could see Julianne Hough all the time. She was in some movies and on that dancing show with the D-list celebrities on it. Those were good times. Julianne Hough is a very attractive woman so seeing her all the time was a highlight of many of my days. Then she kind of fell of our radar after making Rock of Ages and winning the Top New Female Vocalist award on one of the 17 country music awards shows.

Of course, now she’s back on TV, but as a judge on that same dancing show and I won’t tune in to that show just to see the judges. I’m not that desperate. So it was nice of her to drop this sexy little bikini pic on her really boring Instagram account today. I say it’s boring because I had to go back seven months just to find four photos that I thought you, my peeps, might like to see. Very disappointing.

Anyway, I definitely like what I see here today, so maybe this is the start of us rekindling our failed fictional relationship. Fingers crossed.

Luckyass puppy.