Does This Instagram Photo Mean That Julianne Hough Sleeps In The Nude?

by 3 years ago
julianne hough nude

Julianne Hough, Instagram

Julianne Hough is just messing with our heads now.

Because I think that the photo below of Julianne Hough means that she sleeps in the nude. I mean, it doesn’t look like she’s wearing any sort of pajama top or shirt. Unless, for some reason, she sleeps in a tube top, which seems unlikely.

Plus, Hough captions the photo, “I’m so sleepy! Good night xoxo.” Aww, hugs ad kisses. XOXO right back atcha, Julianne. So she’s obviously going to bed, which is where it appears this photo emanates from, no?

So I ask again, does this photo mean that Julianne Hough sleeps in the nude?

I'm so sleepy! Good night xoxo

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Maybe she was just returning from the pool and untied her bikini top and that’s why the photo looks like it does. That’s also possible, right?

Who knows? And why does this matter to me?

I should probably think about getting a girlfriend.

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