Stupidly Hot Kara Del Toro Getting Her Ass Smacked By Another Model In The New Carl’s Jr Commercial Is Mesmerizing

kara del toro


Carl’s Jr. marketing strategy goes something like this: boobies, boobies, bums, bums, burger, boobies, boobies, chicks kissing, repeat. They basically want to sell you their beef through your sausage. It is a bold move (Cotton) and some may go so far as to call it exploitative, but here I am giving them free marketing so YOU’RE FUCKING WELCOME CARL AND YOUR LITTLE SHIT SON, JR.

Past Carl’s commercials have featured household names like Emily Ratajkowski and Sara Underwood, and it looks as if the new crop of models are on their way to superstardom, namely Kara Del Toro.

The burger joint released a teaser video this morning for its new Tex-Mex commercial featuring Del Toro getting handsy with her beach volleyball model teammate. In plain words, it’s fucking awesome.

Not a bad introduction to Del Toro, eh? Chew on these sizzzzzzling Instagram pics for your main course.

Impossibly hot. I’d be surprised if everyone didn’t make it to the bottom of this post.

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