43-Year-Old Kate Moss Just Posed COMPLETELY Topless, Almost Naked, And She’s Never Looked Hotter

Back in the day, Kate Moss absolutely RULED the modeling world. She was also one hell of a party girl which just served to make her even more popular.

Lately though, we haven’t heard nor seen much from the modeling legend. (Other than, you know, the photography exhibit she was featured in showing her buck naked in some of her best modeling photos a couple of years ago. That and discovering her hot younger sister.)

Now, however, Moss has decided to put her modeling hat back on, so to speak, and recently posed topless, and pretty much naked, for the latest issue of W magazine.

Alongside her in this issue are some other stunning women looking as sexy as ever that you may also be familiar with: Jessica Chastain, Taraji P. Henson and Jennifer Lopez.

While all of those photos are very, very nice, I have to say that Kate, at age 43, pretty much steals the show here…

For the uncensored version, just give this a click.

And I know that will.