Katrina Bowden Definitely Works Out If These Bikini Booty Pics Are Any Indication

I honestly don’t know what Katrina Bowden does anymore. I think she’s still acting. I know she used to be on 30 Rock, but since then I haven’t seen her in anything. Maybe I am just watching the wrong shows or movies.

I think she’s got some kind of lifestyle web site or something now that she spends a lot of time on these days. Again, I could be wrong, but whatever, it doesn’t really matter.

All I know for sure is that it kind of sucks that I haven’t seen her on TV or in a movie in such a long time. She’s got one of the best booties in the business as this new bikini pic more than proves.

Here’s even more proof, not that you need it, but hey, she’s obviously very proud of the work she puts in and who can blame her?



Yeah, she definitely works out…


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