Katrina Bowden’s Bikini Yoga Game Is, Simply Put, Unparalleled


We here at BroBible are perhaps the world’s foremost documenters of celebrity bikini yoga. For those of you unfamiliar with that genre of blogging, it’s when a celebrity does yoga in a bikini.

For the longest time, the holder of the title best person who does bikini yoga was Sasha Cohen. She did some good bikini yoga.

But she hasn’t produced at all lately, and in this game, you gotta always be hustling.

You know who is hustling in this game? Katrina Bowden.


And the other side? I now you wanna see the other side.

To be honest, it’s fine without the yoga.

You can see more at her fitness blog, which we highly recommend.

And if you are a celeb who wants to take a shot at the queen, let me know.