Aww Yeah! Keeley Hazell Is Back In A Bikini On Instagram

Keeley Hazell is our “favorite British glamour model turned actress who we’ve never seen actually act in anything” in the world. (It’s a very specific title.) Which is why it is much to our delight whenever Keeley Hazell posts the way-too-random bikini picture to her Instagram account.

Sure, it confuses the hell out of us when Keeley shares a photo of herself in a barely-there bikini, making us wonder why she’s doing it on Instagram and not on Page 3 or some other respectable publication, but that’s okay. Even if every time she does it we think that maybe she’s going to get back into the glamour modeling game and then doesn’t is a little frustrating.

It’s Keeley Hazell in a bikini, probably just to serve as a reminder that she exists as she hunts for acting gigs, and that’s never a bad thing at all.

A little more Keeley looking hot because YOLO, right? (Sorry.)