Former Nickelodeon Star Keke Palmer Is All Grown Up Now, Has The Underboob And Nipple Pasties To Prove It


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Some of you out there might be familiar with Keke Palmer from her current TV show Scream Queens.

I am just guessing here, but that number is probably pretty low.

Others of you out there might remember her from the Nickelodeon show she did as a teen from 2008 to 2011 called True Jackson, VP.

And another group of you might not have even heard of the now 23-year-old actress at all until today. (Too bad for you.)

Regardless of which group you fall into, I think you will appreciate this new photo shoot she just did for Galore. (Where they called her a former Disney star. Really?)

Trust me, this will almost make you want to go watch Scream Queens. Underboob and nipple pasties have an amazing effect when it comes to marketing a television show.