Miles Teller’s HOT AF Girlfriend Keleigh Sperry Has Been Destroying The Beach In A Bikini Again

Miles Teller is not only a very solid actor he also has one of the HOTTEST girlfriends in Hollywood in model Keleigh Sperry who practically LIVES in a bikini.

I can still remember when we, and the rest of the world, first discovered her when she and Teller attended the Oscars in 2015 and she blew everyone’s minds with how incredibly sexy she was.

Since then we’ve seen her do a few sexy modeling jobs, this one was especially nice…

…but mostly she’s just been hanging out at various beaches and pools in a bikini.

Kind of like she did last week… again. God bless her.

Since she’s so damn good at Instagram, as you can see, let’s check out a little more of what she’s been sharing since we last checked in…

God-dammit, I hope Miles Teller knows how freaking lucky he is.

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