Pretty Sure That Kelly Brook’s Bikini Tops Here Are About Three Sizes Too Small For Her

Hard to believe, but it has been 17 months since we last checked in on former British glamour model Kelly Brook.

That’s because ever since Brook decided she was a legit actress after landing a role on the very short-lived TV show One Big Happy she hasn’t done jack squat worthy of our attention.

Used to be you couldn’t go on the internet for five minutes without seeing her. Of course, those were back in the glory days of her posing for British lad magazines (may they rest in peace).

That being said, at age 37, Brook is still hard at it when it comes to putting out a sexy annual calendar. (Yes, those are somehow still a thing.) As you can see above and below, she definitely still possesses many of the qualities that attracted us to her over a decade ago.

Nice, huh?

And since her Instagram account has become a barren wasteland of scenery photos and other useless garbage here are some pics of her I found that while not part of her calendar, I liked them as well. So I share.

Ah, the memories…