Kendall Jenner’s Coachella Top Today Is See Through AF, And Is That A Piercing?

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The Kardashians are at Coachella (well, technically the Jenners are, I don’t know about any others) and if you thought they wouldn’t be attracting droves of internet attention for every thing they do this weekend, well, you don’t know much about the content industry.

Like today. Kendall decided to hit the concert festival in a completely see-through top.

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Of course, you can’t see much there, but that’s because this is a family-focused website.

But you can see more over at her Instagram account, which is her personal purview to do as she pleases, even if that includes showing off her boobs.

Meanwhile, as for the matter of whether all life is futile and meaningless, this is the second consecutive day we’ve had a discussion in our Slack as to whether Kendall Jenner’s Coachella outfit is see-through.

We determined that this outfit was not.

Frankly, I’m even sure what the debate was there (I wasn’t around for it, just heard it existed).

As for that nipple ring I mentioned, that video can be seen at this link:

UPDATE: This was yesterday. Here’s this morning’s banging bikini look.


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Unrelated, since we are already on Kendall’s Instagram account, there’s also this picture from last week I’d like to bring to your attention.

team work.

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