Kendall Jenner Is Completely Naked On Instagram, But Who Posted The Nude Pic Kinda Makes It Weird


Kendall Jenner's Instagram

With all the drama, raging boners and controversy stemming from The Fappening (Which has recently been banned by Reddit), it’s good to see that people are legitimately posting lawsuit-free nude pics of celebrities again. Kendall Jenner knows naked celebs are so hot right now so she wasted no time in stealing a page from her big sister’s playbook in garnering fame. A simple equation that is absolutely foolproof; GET NAKED. The 18-year-old who is suddenly a high-fashion model who only goes by the name “Kendall,” posed completely naked for a pictorial by photographer Russell James. However it wasn’t Kendall who posted the photo, or her pimp mother, but it was her sister. No the other one. No the other other one.


Kourtney Kardashian's Instagram

Now if this was Kris Jenner whoring out her daughter by posting pics of her daughter it would totally make sense, but her sister Kourtney? Imagine if your sister plastered your twig and berries all over Facebook? That’s weird. It’s actually a genius move by Kourtney to realize that she’s not getting pageviews on her Instagram because nobody wants to see a very pregnant 35-year-old who already has two kids, so she might as well post some hot young nakedness to pique people’s interest.