Kendall Jenner Wants to Just Be Known as ‘Kendall’ Now; Here She Is in a Pink Bikini

So did you hear that Kendall Jenner wants to now only go by the name Kendall? Hard to blame her. I wouldn’t want to be associated with that family name either.

While the story broke earlier this week, Kendall herself says fans were just slow on the uptake and she’s been a single-namer for months. Kim Kardashian’s half-sister said she first tried out the switch when she made her much-publicized debut in the fashion world, walking in shows for Marc Jacobs and Giles.

“I did it last year at all the castings too!” she told Us Weekly exclusively. “I only go by my first name.”

As to why she dropped the Jenner, Kendall told Us, “It was just my choice.”

Apparently Kendall says she was having trouble getting modeling gigs because of her famous last name. Poor thing. I guess it never crossed her mind that she probably wouldn’t have gotten ANY modeling jobs if it weren’t for that name.

But really, who can blame her for not wanting to be associated with this and this?

Oh yeah, the bikini part, aka the important part…yeah, she did the Ice Bucket Challenge. Better late than never I guess…