Kim Kardashian Says She’s ‘Victimized’ so Here She Is Naked in ‘GQ’

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Kim Kardashian won the Woman of the Year Award at the GQ Men of the Year Awards (nothing in that phrase makes sense), but before accepting her award she did an interview in which she says she’s “victimized.” Oh, and she also got naked for GQ. (Is that why she won the award?)

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 breakfast show host Nick Grimshaw, Kim Kardashian West says she is the most “victimised” by the press.

The reality TV star complained that everything she says gets taken out of context and told Grimmy she is treated worse than her family members.

“They take everything you say, these days, and twist it in to something negative.”

In particular she was upset that people on the Internet thought she was mad when they announced her as just Kim Kardashian and not Kim Kardashian West when presenting her with that VERY well deserved award at the show.

“They announced me as Kim Kardashian and I hate that people online say mean things, because when I got up there, I said ‘it’s Kim Kardashian West’. Like, just being more playful and cute.

“On the internet, it’s like, ‘she’s annoyed that they called her Kim Kardashian’, and I’m like, ‘no, I’m not. Don’t make up ridiculous stories’.”

Me thinks KimKSuperstar needs to not EVER be mad an ANYTHING someone says about her on the Internet. Imagine where she’d be in life if it didn’t exist. Yes, let’s imagine that for a second… ah, that was nice.

Anyway, here she is naked in GQ. You know, the important stuff

Kim Kardashian image by Everett Collection/Shutterstock

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