Totally Normal Landlord Offers Girl Free Rent If She Indulges His Bizarre Fantasy


How about this for a depressing stat: 11 million Americans spend half their income on rent. Forget about long-term financial goals, many people are just hoping to keep their head above water. Imagine if there was a way one could bypass rental payments. How wonderful. Well, what if I told you you could. As long as you licked your landlords feet like an ice cream cone in mid-August.

That’s the proposition Erin Clark was presented with. Clark, a 19-year-old from Edinburgh, Scotland was searching for an apartment in Paris when was told by her landlord named Franciso she could have a place if she met certain “terms.”

To churn up the creep-o-meter even more, Franciso sent images of his chastity belt and promised her she could have the key. Check out the viral exchange below.


*Looks at bank account*

*Sees Available Balance of $29.82*

[protected-iframe id=”44cb2a2bc1305dc7322fa318d00a6e0e-97886205-37946113″ info=”″ width=”480″ height=”270″ frameborder=”0″]


[h/t NY Post]

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