Pics Of Scintillating Lea Michele Naked In A Bed Because This Is As Close As You’ll Come To Seeing Lea Michele Naked In A Bed

While you have zero chance getting with the lovely Lea Michele, that doesn’t mean that you can’t pretend. I’ve perfected imagining that the provocative “Glee” and “Scream Queens” star is in an intimate relationship with me. It’s pretty simple.

She’s so peaceful. That’s the same position that she was in when I left her this morning.

I got Lea white roses because I didn’t want her to get the wrong impressions if I got her red roses.

We like hiking. What can I say.

I’m always telling Lea that she can get her magazines on her phone, but she insists on the physical versions because she “likes the smell of paper.” To each her own I say.

What a view!

I think I did a pretty good job of taking that photo. It looks level to me.

We have this thing where we blow each other kisses. Pretty sappy I know, but it makes her happy so I go along with it.