Lea Michele Was Looking Like Straight Fire In A Bikini At Coachella This Weekend

by 3 years ago

Much like the dozens and dozens of other celebrities of her ilk, former Glee star Lea Michele headed to Palm Springs this weekend to take in the Coachella Music Festival.

Also much like the dozens of other celebrities who went to Coachella Lea Michele shared several photos on Instagram of her little adventure.

What makes her different, however, is that she is one of the very, very few to have shared a bikini picture from her trip. (Trust me, I checked like everyone, and it was a very disappointing search. Alessandra Ambrosio was about the only other one, but she does it for a living. And well, Kylie Jenner, but eh.)

So, to reward her for her graciousness in bestowing the rare bikini pic from the event on us I now share.

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